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Contenu Review

Welcome to my Contenu review.

Contenu is being released on January 22nd at 11AM (Eastern Standard Time) by Mark Bishop and Venkata Ramana.

I was lucky enough to get full review access to Contenu and I wanted to do a full walkthrough and show you a demo of the product here on my blog.

Check out my Contenu review video below and be sure to watch until the end to see my MEGA bonus bundle.

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Pricing & Funnel

Continu Review
Continu Review

Main Course – ($17) Contenu Main Course

Upgrade 1 ($37) – Contenu Pro

Upgrade 2 ($37) – Contenu Master

Upgrade 3 ($198) – Contenu Guru

Upgrade 4 ($117) – Contenu Reseller

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Continu Review
Continu Review

Contenu Review

Ok, let’s dive straight into my Contenu review.

I don’t normally review too many new software products and the reason is simple.

I feel that 90% of them are crap.

Plain & simple.

I tend to stick to using the tried & proven stuff out there and am not usually one to be a ‘guinea pig’ for any new software.

However, whenever Mark Bishop releases something I always make sure I check it out.


Because he’s known for putting together extremely high-quality products that flat-out work.

AKA – They make you money.

Take a quick peak at the software below:

Contenu Review
Contenu Review

During my Contenu review I was blown away by some of the features they are making available with this software for such a low price. (and the fact that it’s a one-time fee)

In a nutshell, with Contenu you’re able to quickly and easily generate money-making content in literally seconds.

There are so many ways you can profit from this. (More on that in my bonuses😉

However, the biggest thing I liked during my review of Contenu was that Venkata and Mark have built a ‘fail-safe’ into it.

What do I mean?

Oh, glad you asked…

Well, inside Contenu you are given a “fail-safe” as Mark Bishop calls it.

You see, once you publish your content you have the option to publish it automatically publish it to a platform where you’ll be paid for your content.

This is absolutely huge.

What that means is that not only will you be able to use Contenu to generate 100% unique content for affiliate marketing, CPA, content services, or any other reason that you need content online…

You will also be paid just for generating and posting your content.


However, there was also one big thing missing from Contenu in my opinion.

I noticed during my Contenu review that there just flat-out wasn’t enough training on how you can make the maximum amount of money with it.

Look – this is extremely powerful and if used right can make you a ton of profits.

As a member of my tribe I want to make sure that I show you everything you’ll need to know to really have an ‘unfair advantage’ over everyone else who is using Contenu.

So what I’ve decided to do is put together a Contenu bonus bundle that I guarantee will be bigger and better than what anyone else out there is offering.

Bold statement?

Yes, yes I know it is – but scroll down and check out my bonuses for yourself.

>>Grab Your Copy of Contenu + My MEGA Bonus Bundle<<

Contenu Bonus (ONLY 50 Available)

Bonus #1 – Contenu ‘Masters Academy’ – In this bonus you’ll get a detailed video training on how to use Contenu to make the most money possible. (Eye-Opening)

Bonus #2 – Contenu ‘Secret Strategies’ – this bonus is going to show you underground ways to monetize this that you won’t see anywhere else. Period. (Insider Strategies)

Bonus #3 – Contenu ‘Optimization Hero’

Bonus #4 – WP Video Focus

Bonus #5 – WP SociConnect Reseller Rights

Bonus #6 – Animatio Reseller Rights

Bonus #7 – WP Facebook QuizCreator

Bonus #8 – Mobile 2-Step Optin Generator

Bonus #9 – Viral Source Review Pack

Bonus #10 – WP In-Content Popup Pro

Bonus #11 – Contenu ‘The Content Capitalist’

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