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FlipaDom Review and Super Bonus – How to Buy and Sell Domain Names for Big Profits

You are here: FlipaDom Review and Super Bonus – How to Buy and Sell Domain Names for Big Profits

50 SPOTS of Bonus ONLY 🔜🌍. 31/50 SPOTS GONE!😎💣✈️🥑

May 14, 2018 by Paul supersonic reviews

This new course called “Flipadom” reveals a dead simple strategy for making money by selling domain names for big profits.

I will be honest, this is not something that I have ever even thought was worth doing but when I had the opportunity to go through this new course I took full advantage to see if it was actually worth it.

What did I find? Well I was pretty amazed..

Watch my full review below. I found some very interesting things that you’re going to want to see.

In the video below I will be giving you a sneek peek of this new course “FlipaDom” and here’s what I found + a sneek peek inside the members area

>> Grab The FlipaDom Profit System Here + My Super Bonus Package <<

* Click Play below *

>> Grab The FlipaDom Profit System Here + My Super Bonus Package <<

Main Course – You get x11  step by step training videos showing you how the entire “FlipaDom” method works and how to set it up.

Main course price – ($7) 

Upgrade 1 – Advanced Training ($17)

  • This advanced training you will discover some extra tactics, tweaks and strategies that will make you more money and put your auctions on Fire!

Upgrade 2 – Case Studies ($27)

  • Here you will get some new case studies that are brand new and you will get an over the shoulder look at exactly  what they did, how they did it and how much they made from some auctions that they recently ran. Plus you will get more tips and extra twists to make more money from your auctions.

Upgrade 3 –  Resale Rights ($47) 

  • Here you get full resale rights to the entire funnel so for every sale you make you keep 100% of the money

In Summary:

I thought the course itself is brilliant and something that in my opinion everyone should know and be using for extra income.

The training is in video and there are just 9 videos but it’s dead simple to follow you really cannot get this wrong.

The only thing which I think could be a potential problem at some point is you may get to a point where you want to make more money but using this method you are a little restricted as to the amount of money you can make.

However don’t panic because I have put together some great bonuses for you where I explain exactly how you can make a lot more from this method and hit the really big numbers, basically scaling things up. I have explained more below.

My entire super bonus package is laid out below.

>> Grab The FlipaDom Profit System Here + My Super Bonus Package <<

Your Super Bonus Package

I have put together a brand new bonus package for the first 50 people ONLY that pick up a copy of  “FlipaDom” course from this Blog. This is a unique bonus package which I have created just for customers that purchase this new course from this blog and this will give you a massive advantage over everyone else that grabs this new course.

BONUS 1 – Here I’m going to reveal what you can do if you want to make a lot more money from this “FlipaDom” method. This is something that most people will not explain to you but if you follow this you can end making a lot of money.

BONUS 2 – how to build a $5,000 – $10,000+ per month business off the back of this domain flipping method – this is what I did to build my own business and I’m going to show you here exactly how to do the same when using this FlipaDom income method.

BONUS 3 – x2 of my best sales funnel courses – these will show you the secret to creating a 24 hour per day money getting system. If you plan on being full time online you MUST have this set up and here I show you all my secrets for doing it effectively.

BONUS 4 – 1 of my best traffic courses and my best email marketing course – the traffic course is brilliant and the email course will show you how to dominate with email. Again, if you plan on being full time online or making a full time income online you MUST know how to get traffic and also how to use email to make good money otherwise you will be dead in the water.

>> Grab The FlipaDom Profit System Here + My Super Bonus Package <<

This super bonus package is very valuable and will really help you to take things to the next level when using FlipaDom but also it will reveal exactly how to build a $5,000 – $10,000+ per month income by doing what I show you too in one of the bonuses.

This super bonus package will be gone VERY QUICKLY because I’m only allowing 50 bonus package copies to be given away this time so just make sure you pick up the new course asap to secure your super bonus package spot.

Closing Thoughts: The whole course is exceptional value and certainly worth much much more than the tiny $7 that’s for sure.

This income method could easily make you an extra $300 – $600 per month with just a little bit of work but you could make upwards of $1,000+ per month if you hit it a little harder.

The fact is it’s simple to do, requires no fancy tools or equipment and it flat out works.

Plus with my super bonus package makes it even more of a steal of a deal but just make sure you grab it quick because these 50 copies will be going quick.

These 50 super bonus packages could easily be gone in the first 6 hours so make sure you don’t miss out.

Once you have purchased the course your bonuses will be waiting for you in the download area or just email me at “[email protected]” and I will send them to you.

<p class=”txtTitle” style=”text-align: center;font-weight: 600;font-size: 28px;color: #000;”>50 SPOTS of Bonus ONLY 🔜🌍. 31/50 SPOTS GONE!😎💣✈️🥑</p><div style=”border: 1px solid #ccc!important;border-radius:30px;background-color:#eeeeee;box-shadow: 1px 2px #888888;”> <div id=”backBar” style=”background-color: rgb(0, 115, 255); height: 28px; width: 62%; border-radius: 30px 0px 0px 30px;”> <div id=”frontBar” style=”opacity: 0.4;background-image: url(; background-repeat: repeat-x; background-position: right top;background-size:40px 40px;margin-right: 20px;height:28px;width:100%;border-radius: 30px 0px 0px 30px;text-align:center;font-size:22px;color:#ffffff;”> </div> </div></div>

Grab your copy below..

Any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you.

>> Grab The FlipaDom Profit System Here + My Super Bonus Package <

Affiliate Funnel Studio $1 Trial: New Automated System Creates UNLIMITED Income Streams in Under 60 Seconds.. & Pays You DAILY COMMISSIONS with Only a Few Clicks!


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Affiliate Funnel Clones is an easy-to-use platform that includes 5 high converting funnels allow the user to build a list of subscribers fast & easy, while generating affiliate sales for any offers they choose to promote!

The best part?

Its Simplicity of our platform..

The user logs in, inserts their affiliate link, and drives traffic from one of our traffic resources.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 (SERIOUSLY!)

  1. Login to the cloud-based AFC Dashboard
  2. Connect autoresponder one time (takes 3-5 minutes)
  3. Insert affiliate link & Save

That’s it!

They will now be able to receive leads and generate sales on auto pilot, with no domain, no hosting, and no coding whatsoever!

We’ve even included our top traffic sources that we personally use to generate leads and sales for these Affiliate Funnel Clones!

This is truly the best way for anyone who wants to build a list and get on launch leaderboards to get started fast & easy with this entirely automated platform!
Check out the demo below and if you have any questions we’ve both got you covered just see our contact details below..

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Want to split test? Not seeing desired conversions?

No problem!

You can easily swap out whatever link you want to promote, and the software will update the link in real time. The optin redirect traffic will go to the new page being promoted INSTANTLY!

Affiliate Funnel Clones completely abolishes the need to spend lots of time and money on pages that simply won’t convert. We’ve provided high converting pages for you, in addition to recommended offers to promote, and even included traffic resources to use for awesome conversions!

It doesn’t matter if the user is a newbie or a guru, this is a necessity for ANYONE who wants to build a list fast and easy, while monetizing their traffic to the MAX!

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Inside BLOGGii we will show your customers a powerful case study of how we turn blog posts we don’t write and pay $5-$10 for into $300, $500 and even $1000+ in passive income, using 100% free traffic.

Bloggii Review



Little do we know that blog posts can help us earn massive traffic and passive income. Other than that, it is the most easier method that even people from different walks of life can do this.

But the question is… do we have the proper training for this?

This is can be the crucial part of this. It is not anymore difficult to find free training courses on how to earn huge traffic and income through blog post. However, you will notice, as you go through them, that some of these are already outdated. That is why most of the marketers would still look for effective methods which can help them gain more money rather than stick with same old techniques that no longer work.

And today… I got you what they’ve been looking for. Introducing Bloggii!

Bloggii is an over the shoulder in-depth course with 25 videos across 5 modules.Each module includes several video and full resources. Amazing, right?

Wanna know more? Let’s go check this review!


Video details


Module 1: Case Studies, Overview and Research

In this module you will see my own case studies and overview of the system.

For example, you will see the exact post that I outsourced for $5 and made $1,085.91.Some other results include posts that made me $1049.31, $873.29, $650, $573.94 and many many others.

You will see the ACTUAL posts, which means you can learn from it and implement in your business.

Module 2: Blog Post Setup

As you’ve understood by now, the method revolves around putting up incredibly simple blog posts and then driving MASSIVE FREE TRAFFIC to them, in any niche, for any business model (eCom, affiliate marketing, Adsense, selling own products and more).

In Module 2, I will show you exactly what you need to do to set up your own blog posts in under an hour each, even if you’re a total newbie who’s never done it before.

Module 3: Content Research and Monetization

Like I mentioned earlier, I DON’T CREATE MY OWN CONTENT. I get others to do it for me.
So don’t worry – it’s extremely simple, fast, NOT time consuming, and really cheap. You can start with just $5 (or even less).

So in this module you will learn how to research good content ideas, how to get it created for you, and how to profit big from it.

Module 4: Getting Traffic & Making Money

This is where the fun starts – you will learn how to drive HUGE amounts of FREE traffic in to your blog posts, IN ANY NICHE.

And you will also learn how to bank big with any business model – affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, eCom, list building, selling your own products and services, and more.

Module 5: Advanced Strategies

In this last module, you will learn some additional advanced strategies which will allow you to multiple your earnings.

These are the unique “twists” that I mentioned earlier which took me a while to figure out, but you will be able to profit from them instantly.



There you have it! Hope this helps you come up with a wise decision. We have stripped every inch of information here for you to understand how effective this training course is. This is what everyone is waiting for. You are now one click away to success. Click the Buy Button NOW!8.6TOTAL SCOREEarn Massive Traffic and Passive Income Through Blog Posts

Bloggii is an over the shoulder in-depth course with 25 videos across 5 modules. Each module includes several video and full resources.Value for Money9.5Easy of Use8Support Team9Features & Functions8PROS

  • Fresh Case Study – Earn Thousands Per Blog Post
  • Rapid Free Traffic Training Included
  • Income Is Passive Once Set Up
  • No Prior Experience Needed
  • Complete Step-By-Step Videos
  • 100% Newbie-Friendly – Easy To Set Up
  • Pick Any Niche You Like!
  • Awesome Bonuses Included
  • Responsive Email Support


  • If you need any help, you need to contact email support.



Ankur JV

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